simply means realistic or logically existing, such as the music that plays on a character's radio in a scene; more generally, it refers to the narrative elements of a film (such as spoken dialogue, other sounds, action) that appear in, are shown, or naturally originate within the content of the film frame; the opposite is non-diegetic elements, such as sounds (e.g., background music, the musical score, a voice-over, or other sounds) w/o an origin within the film frame itself; in an objective shot, the most common camera shot, it simply presents what is before the camera in the diegesis of the narrative
  Example: in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), diegetic sounds are heard of the 'keys' men (who drive trucks with glaring headlights) as they approach E.T.'s spaceship, to suggest danger

Glossary of cinematic terms . 2015.

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