and cross-over appeal
  a film or production that is made for one audience, but may easily 'cross-over' to another unexpected audience; also refers to a film, actor, or production that appeals to different demographic groups or age groups and can move between two or more distinct franchises; see also hybrid
  Examples: Cross-over films include Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding (2001) - basically a film with Indian-oriented content that had wide international appeal and crossed multi-cultural barriers, and the same was true for Bend It Like Beckham (2002), Y Tu Mamá También (2001, Mex.) and Barbershop (2002). Similarly, the animated smash Finding Nemo (2003) appealed to both children and adult audiences, for different reasons. Cross-over stars include Humphrey Bogart as a romantic lead and as a hard-boiled detective, or James Cagney as a song-and-dance man and as a tough guy.

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